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I was very impressed with Won's DVD. I am a recreational swimmer and dancer and I was excited to try this video to stretch out my tight muscles from my activities. It was a wonderful experience following Barbara Won's practice. I literally felt "taller" after doing her video. I have many yoga DVDs and this one is one of the easiest to follow and most relaxing ones I have. I cannot wait for her next video.

Crystal W.

Because flexibility has long been a key to the success of many of the world's greatest swimmers, I believe Yoga is an excellent compliment to the sport of swimming. It also helps prevent injury and steady one's focus. I would recommend yoga to any swimmer who wants to improve their performance in the water.

Bruce Wigo - CEO International Swimming Hall of Fame

'Yoga for Swimmers' is a great idea. I wish I had the opportunity to do more yoga during my peak training years. Aside from the physical benefits, the focus and concentration that the practice builds can help athletes tremendously during training and competition.

Summer Sanders - Olympic Swimming Champion



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