Yoga for Swimmers is the first dvd of its kind to specifically address the special needs of swimmers with a detailed sequence of postures that teach proper alignment and technique throughout. It has been reviewed and recommended by the most respected publications in swimming. USA Swimming’s "Splash" Magazine says, “The real strength of the program is Won’s mindfulness of common problem areas for swimmers, especially the shoulders and knees.” US Master’s Swimming “Swimmer” Magazine calls the dvd setting "beautiful" and the music "soothing", but more importantly states that the practice is "designed to open up and stretch the...body, to help correct misalignment and tightening." The dvd has sold hundreds of copies worldwide and is helping to improve people’s lives, one breath, and one stroke at a time.

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“Yoga for me, like surfing or swimming, gets me in that place of complete awareness and appreciation of the present moment. The benefits of each alone are immense, but when combined, for me the results are extremely powerful.”

Barbara Won, founder of Yoga for Swimmers


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